HI I’m Alix, read about me

self portrait illustration

Ad Creative + Blogger + Consumer Insights + Recreational Photographer + Mentor + Problem Solver 

Urban Studies (MSc), Architectural Studies (BA Hons)

Pretty witty, creativity, nature and urbanism enthusiast. Philanthropist and optimist from Brighton (now a Londoner). If I can profess anything it’s work hard, stay humble and WALK. I’m a social scientist with a creative edge plus bundles of curiosity! I love people, learning, exploring, and plodding my way through the French language. Young person’s Mentor at Media Trust.

My strengths: ideation, brand activations/events, digital campaign thinking, brand-planning, social content and copywriting. Mac and PC literate. Comfortable in Photoshop, basic Indesign/Illustrator, competent with keynote, Microsoft programmes and can work with most CMS. Very on top of social media, adore snappin’ photos and drawing!





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