Former Consumer Insights Editor at leading trends agency, WGSN, my creative and well-researched reports have been used by retail and brand giants, as well as ad and tech agencies to help innovate their products and services amid fast-changing times. Sadly, they live behind a paywall so I can’t show them here… However, see my published WGSN blog articles: The future of wellness, consumption & design…explored and The key to happiness is ‘just enough’: how to Live Lagom. 

Prior to that, I’ve written numerous goodies for music and culture magazine, NOTION and the now deceased fashion and beauty mag COMPANY, as well as three years of the design blog and newsletter for web and branding agency, DEN Creative. I have also been published on HI! Magazine, IMPACT magazine and my press featured on Louie Banks’ website. Nowadays I write and curate internal newsletters for food waste non-profit, Fareshare in Sussex, England. Below are a few snippets of my work.

WGSN AB article

WGSN AB article 2





This was also published on HI! magazine and IMPACT magazine music sections.

Louie Banks article

Also featured on Louie Banks’ website.

Lastly, the image snippet below is taken from Planet Notion’s Issue 57 introduction: