Graphic Design, Digital Art and Illustration

An assortment of projects from school, work, personal creations, and former internships., an online urban music and culture source; flyer and online webpage design prototypes.

Personal project – Illustration blown up to canvas measuring 1m in width.

Personal project – A2 card print.

Screenshot (11)

Personal project – An A3 card print.

Card design

Personal project – A Birthday card poster.

Artwork for a Planet Notion digital article using supplied images and text.


A logo I created for Impact Magazine. ‘The Big Question’ is a regular column for pressing issues.

During my time as a writer, social media manager, and ad-hoc branding assistant with web design and branding agency, Den Creative, I created several prototypes for their new e-newsletter…

Designing the style section of an Impact magazine Nottingham using InDesign.

Impact front cover restyle:

Illustrator experiment.

Combining Autocad and illustrator to make a site map snippet in a graphic style.