Charity Architecture South Africa: Project Limpopo


[Above photograph: satellite image of the project as it currently exists.]

An unforgettable experience with rural South Africa as our nucleus, and dedication and teamwork as our tonic; this live-build charity architecture project was a great success, and alternative studio route of my second year as a Nottingham University architect, 2011-12. Its entirety can be seen here, or view my personal account. Scroll down for more images under the design scheme.

Brief: To design, develop, and physically build a sustainable nursery school in Limpopo, South Africa. A team of 50 second years were selected for this project to work with 5th years, sponsors, tutors, and the local community.

INITIAL DEVELOPMENT WORK: Small Group Scheme, initial ideas, working in teams of 5-7 for the first proposal

The final chosen and amalgamated scheme can be seen on the first link provided above. And in reality…