Architecture: Urban Futures

This is a summary of the start of third year as a Nottingham University architect, investigating the degenerate area of London Bromley By Bow with new ways of thinking.

The project starts by exploring contemporary thinking avenues, communicating meaning, new approaches to design and introducing philosophies with the aim of regenerating the dormant urban area. With an emphasis on the term ‘boundaries,’ this project aimed to open our minds to new genres of architecture, interventions and spatial structures, whilst testing our problem solving abilities. Analysing on micro and macro scales, boosting imagination, designing for function and enrichment made this genre of studio complex and rewarding.

PART 1: Exploring communication techniques and direction of the project

The core purpose was to identify and exemplify a boundary situation in the area. Understanding the connotations of the word and applying it to existing physical conditions made use of the previous smaller projects and exercises that opened our minds to freer design possibilities and more complex site connections.

PART 2: Developing the project and nurturing a proposal according to acquired approaches; putting ideas into realisation.

Further supporting work – progression of form complexity of a boundary enhancement:

This was an unfinished urban intervention project, aiming to revive the derelict area. This development work lead me to further consider obscure structures, monocoque shells and exploring ‘thickening’. This concept means employing design decisions that were thoughtful and carried many usages with a single choice. My intervention aimed to have user interactivity with the intervention’s envelope, utilising the structure and skin to sit in and share media via physical and digital means. The structure, function and aesthetics would thus all tie together.